• Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

Ulusaba, meaning“Place of Little Fear” strikes the perfect balance between nature and nurture - as well as being an excellent place to observe the “Big Five”, it is also an ideal place to kick back and unwind. Ulusaba re-defines the rules of a safari lodge and has taken a step away from the traditional colonial style by offering swimming pools, gymnasiums, a wine cellar, Aroma Boma spas with panoramic views, a Bush Observatory perfect for star gazing and tennis courts. With all of these facilities, you really need to plan your days so you can enjoy safari walks, moon-lit bush dinners and of course, the twice daily game drives.

Guests can share their time between the two lodges - Rock Lodge and Safari Lodge which offer two unique experiences, encouraging many guests to split their time between the two. Safari Lodge is built along the banks of the dry Mabrak riverbed, where guests will love the sense of adventure as they cross the swing bridges between exquisite tree house rooms while elephants, bushbuck, lion and other local wildlife pass by.

Rates inclusive of 15% VAT • South African Rands • Subject to Availability


Details  1 Jan 2020 to 21 Dec 2020
Rock Lodge
Rock Cliff Room (x4) PPPN R12 000
Rock Cliff Room (x4) Single R16 900
Rock Suite (2 bedroom) (x1) PPPN R16 700
Rock Suite (2 bedroom) (x1) Single R22 450
Rock Suite (triple) R12 400
Master Suite with plunge pool (x1) PPPN R16 700
Master Suite with plunge pool (x1) Single R22 450
Makwela Suite with plunge pool (x2) PPPN R20 500
Makwela Suite with plunge pool (x2) Single R30 000
Cliff Lodge 1* (x1) PPPN R27 200
Cliff Lodge 1* (x1) Single R40 400
Cliff Lodge 1* (as triple) R25 200
Cliff Lodge 2* (x1) PPPN R22 200
Cliff Lodge 2* (x1) Single R32 900
Cliff Lodge exclusive use (x1) R109 650
Rock Lodge Exclusive Use R342 000
Safari Lodge
Elephant Room PPPN R12 000
Elephant Room R16 900
River Room PPPN R14 500
River Room Single R21 200
River Room with plunge pool PPPN R16 700
River Room with plunge pool Single R22 450
Treehouse Suite PPPN R20 500
Treehouse Suite Single R30 000
Safari Room (x1) PPPN R12 000
Safari Room (x1) Single R16 900
Safari Suite (x1) PPPN R22 000
Safari Suite (x1) Single R32 900
Safari Suite Exclusive Use (x1) R81 400
Safari Lodge Exclusive Use R305 400
Details  2 Jan 2021 to 21 Dec 2021
Rock Lodge
Rock Cliff Room (x4) PPPN R12 000
Rock Suite (2 bedroom) (x1) PPPN R16 700
Rock Suite (triple) R12 400
Master Suite with plunge pool (x1) PPPN R16 700
Makwela Suite with plunge pool (x2) PPPN R20 500
Cliff Lodge 1* (x1) PPPN R27 200
Cliff Lodge 1* (as triple) R25 200
Cliff Lodge 2* (x1) PPPN R22 200
Cliff Lodge exclusive use (x1) R109 650
Rock Lodge Exclusive use (20 pax) R342 000
Safari Lodge
Elephant Room PPPN R12 000
River Room PPPN R14 500
River Room with plunge pool PPPN R16 700
Treehouse Suite PPPN R20 500
Safari Room (x1) PPPN R12 000
Safari Suite (x1) PPPN R22 200
Safari Suite Exclusive Use (x1)  R81 400
Safari Lodge Exclusive Use  -  (22 pax) R305 400

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Get active
Although game drives are the main attraction, there are plenty of other activities at Ulusaba to keep you entertained. Work out in the gym or even go for a spot of tennis on one of our two courts.

Safari walks
Take a safari walk with your Ranger and Tracker and you’ll get an opportunity to see smaller creatures that are often missed when you’re on the game vehicles.

Tennis anyone?
If you fancy a hit of tennis, there are two tennis courts. We have balls and racquets you can borrow. The courts are floodlit so you can also play at night, but we will organise a security escort just to make sure the animals don’t gate crash your game!

Hit the gym and work up an appetite. It’s equipped with a running machine, bike, multifunctional weight station and free weights

Guests can share their time between the two lodges - Rock Lodge and Safari Lodge which offer two unique experiences, encouraging many guests to split their time between the two. Safari Lodge is built along the banks of the dry Mabrak riverbed, where guests will love the sense of adventure as they cross the swing bridges between exquisite tree house rooms while elephants, bushbuck, lion and other local wildlife pass by.

When not occupied on a walking safari or twice daily game drive, take a dip in the swimming pools or indulge in a spa treatment. For the more active, there are tennis courts and gyms available. Try a few South African wines from the wine cellar and after dinner enjoy a spot of stargazing at the bush observatory.

Ulusaba Rock Lodge

Stunning views with a luxury room

Of all lodges located in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Ulusaba Rock Lodge is probably one of the lodges offering the most amazing views over the South African bushveld. Ulusaba Rock Lodge is situated on a hilltop offering uninterrupted panorama views. With just ten rooms in total you can be sure to enjoy an intimate experience. The rooms are spacious and offer everything you need: air-conditioning for hot African afternoons, a big bathroom and a well stocked mini bar. All rooms are individually decorated and inspired on both modern and traditional African art. The 'Master Suite' and two 'Makwela Suites' have their own private plunge pools. Wildlife roams freely in the Sabi Sands so you may get lucky and watch the 'Big Five' from the privacy of your own room.

As you can expect from a stay at Ulusaba, the food experience is truly excellent. The staff is always at your service, you don’t need to worry about anything. Ulusaba Rock Lodge will provide you with that once-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable Africa safari experience.

Safari Lodge is located beneath a canopy of ancient trees on the edge of a dry riverbed. Guests will love the sense of adventure as they cross rope bridges between tree house style rooms, with local wildlife passing by. The eleven rooms include a Treehouse Suite overlooking the nearby Xikwenga Dam and are split into Safari, Elephant and River Rooms, some of which have private plunge pools. The Treehouse Suite is located a 15 minute walk along a raised walkway from the main lodge.

Ulusaba Safari Lodge

A sense of adventure under a canopy of trees

Guests of Ulusaba Safari Lodge will sense the ultimate feeling of adventure. With tree houses, rope swing bridges and the big five passing by, this lodge will contribute to an unforgettable time in South Africa. Ulusaba Safari Lodge consists of eleven luxurious suites. All rooms have stunning view over the African bushveld. Honeymoon suites and wedding packages are also available. With all available facilities you may need to plan your time at Ulusaba Safari Lodge so that you can enjoy your safari experience to the fullest. Besides going on safari, you can enjoy guided bush walks, moon-lit dinners and gazing at the stars in the bush observatory.

Ulusaba Safari Lodge is located on the edge of a dry river and under a canopy of ancient trees. The food, which is offered, is a gastronomic delight every day. The staff will let you feel at home and is extremely knowledgeable and hospitable. This lodge will give you the experience of your life. Dine under the breath-taking starry sky of Africa, or watch the local wild animals drink at the waterhole next to your room while sitting on your private deck. Ulusaba Safari Lodge has it all to experience Africa at its best. The tree house is perfect for guests who are seeking for more privacy.

Staying in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve is about making safaris and exploring South Africa's wild nature. It allows you to spot big game in a natural enviornment, the dream of so many travellers. But what is it that you can expect when staying in one of the private game reserves? What is a game drive? And should you bring special gear with you? Here is some more information to help you on your way when going for a South Africa safari.

Many of the activities when staying in a lodge in a private game reserve, such as the Sabi Sands, are included in the rates. Normally there are possibilities to go out on a gamedrive or gamewalk. Gamedrives are interpretive drives in the bush specially adapted four wheel drive vehicles, with the purpose of finding wildlife in a natural habitat. On a gamedrive you will be accompanied by ranger / guide (sometimes armed) with a comprehensive knowledge of all flora and fauna found in Sabi Sands. Besides the ranger normally a "tracker" joins the ranger, who is being seated on the front of the car in a smaal seat and scans the environment for (big) game. These are all very passionate people, who have a special ability to teach you about nature. As you are residing in a natural environment you might get a bit unlucky and only see small numbers of game, the rangers will then pay more attention smaller things in the bush (such as plants and insects). Just as with a gamedrive you will go out with a ranger / guide on a gamewalk. On foot you get a completely different experience: it is sometimes even possible to approach wildlife to a very short distance. It indeed is a very thrilling experience observing wildlife without the protection of a car. We do encourage participating in a gamewalk as it really is a very different experience. The minimum age for participating in a gamedrive is usually eight years, for a gamewalk this is fourteen.

Gamedrives normally take place twice a day: starting just after sunrise until 10 o'clock and from half past 3 until sunset. The Sabi Sands access gates maintains regular opening hours, normally from sunrise to sunset. This will be strictly adhered to for safety reasons. Please call ahead when you are delayed en route to your lodge: they will provide an escort from the gate to the lodge whenever possible.

05.30 hours: wake up call, 06.30 hours: after coffee / tea and morning snack start of morning activity, 09.30 hours: breakfast, 10.00 hours-15.00 hours: leisure time and lunch; 15.00 hours: second game activity, 19.00 hours: back in the lodge and dinner; 21.00 hours: coffee and drinks, leisure time; 22.00 hours: end of your day in the African bush.

In most lodges situated in private game reserves (such as Sabi Sands) all meals, as well as coffee and tea in included in the price. In some places breakfast and lunch are sometimes combined into brunch, depending on the kind of activity in the morning. Dinners usually take place at different locations in and around the main lodge building. So it can happen that one evening you are enjoying dinner in the traditional "boma", the next evening at the poolside, and maybe the last night outside the lodge in the African bush. Are you a vegetarian or have any other dietary requirements? Please inform your lodge accordingly, so that they can make sure to meet your requirements (they will be happy to so do). Arriving late? Please call the lodge ahead so they can arrange for you to have dinner at a later time.

You do not need to outfit yourself in special safari cloting in order to enjoy a South Africa safari. Some advice however: wear tranquil colours like green, khaki, brown and black so that you do not scare game away. Also take a warm sweater, scarf and hat with you. This is not a luxury whatsoever: mornings and evenings in an open safari vehicle get very cold (especially in South African winter). It is best to wear several layers. Also make sure to wear cloting with long sleeves and that cover your legs, this against mosquitos and plants when making a safari on foot. We always find it extremely handy to bring our own binoculars. To help you understand what animals you are seeing it is recommendable to bring a good field guide with you. An excellent book is "Watching wildlife: Southern Africa". A long established field guide for bird watchers is "Newman's Birds of Southern Africa".

South Africa is paradise for nature photographers. The best results are achieved by using a (digital) SLR camera with one or more lenses. For photography of wild animals a lens with a minimum range of 200mm is crucial, preferably a 300mm lens. For landscape photography, a wide angle lens (18 mm or less) is recommended. Beautiful portraits can be taken with lenses with a fixed focal length (usually a 50 mm lens provides good results) and large aperture. Don't feel like carrying big bags of photo equipment on your South Africa safari? A 18-200 mm telezoom lens produces beautiful pictures, and pretty much all subjects are within range. Important during your South Africa safari is protecting your valuable equipment: because you will probably also drive on untarred roads, dust easily gets into your car and may damage your camera. Make sure your camera is always protected by a quality dustfree bag.

In private game reserves and national parks with big game it is prohibited to get out of your car, unless accompanied by armed rangers/guides. Each and every year there are reports from South Africa of travellers ignoring this simple rule, with all its consequences. In the Sabi Sands you will drive yourself to and from the lodge of choice. What to do when you encounter wild animals on the road? Drive slowly and reverse the car when necessary. Do not make any loud noises. When staying in the lodge: listen carefully to the briefing provided by your ranger or accommodation staff. They always know what game is currently staying in the vicinity of the lodge. Many lodges are not fenced in, wildlife can freely enter the premises and will do so. For this reason it is not allowed to walk unaccompanied around the lodge after sunset. Would you like to go the main building, restaurant or bar, just call the reception and they will send someone to pick you up from your room.

  • Rates are quoted per person per night based on double occupancy except for Safari Suite exclusive use which can accommodate 4 adults and 
  • Cliff Lodge exclusive use which can accommodate up to 5 adults and 4 children. 
  • Rates are priced in South African Rand. 
  • Individual rooms include accommodation, 15% VAT and a South African Tourism Bed Levy. 
  • Flights and transfers to and from Ulusaba are not included. 
  • Rates exclude Christmas and New Year. For more information about these rates, please contact our reservations team. Rates are subject to change at any time. Minimum stays may apply.

* Cliff Lodge 1 and 2, Safari Room and Suite can be booked individually four months prior to arrival.
Single occupancy rates available upon request.

We can accommodate extra adults and children in some of our rooms on fold-out or rollaway beds.
In some cases there will be an additional charge of ZAR 7,500 per person, per night. There are restrictions on the number of guests and vehicles allowed in the Sabi Sand Reserve, so there may be times when we’re unable to accommodate extra guests in rooms.
A Guest Conservation Contribution of R151.80 per person, per night will be added to the rates for your stay at Ulusaba (15% VAT is included, and rates are subject to change). The fee is also applied to all lodges in the reserve and goes directly to the Sabi Sand Conservation Trust. The Trust will assist in the funding of our anti-poaching and conservation efforts to secure the long term survival of endangered and compromised animal species.


  •  Your luxury accommodation at one of our beautiful lodges
  •  All meals, served in a variety of locations around the lodges
  •  All beverages including a top quality wine list and fine champagne
  •  Twice daily game drives
  •  A daily walking safari (weather dependent)
  •  Fully equipped gym at each lodge
  •  Lounges at each lodge equipped with DVDs, an Xbox and a small library
  •  Laundry service (no dry cleaning available)
  •  Business facilities (details available on request)
  •  Complimentary wireless available in all guest rooms and public areas
  •  An observatory, perfect for star gazing
  •  Informative talks on flora, fauna and conservation that can be organised on request for both adults and children
  •  Private dining for up to 6 guests at Safari Lodge’s wine cellar and Rock Lodge’s wine room (subject to availability)
  •  Local telephone calls
  •  The contents of your minibar
  •  A dedicated team
  •  VAT and South African Tourism Bed Levy


  •  Flights between Johannesburg and Ulusaba’s private airstrip
  •  Private vehicles are available and can be pre-booked subject to availability, they are charged at ZAR 14,000 per vehicle per day
  •  Road and air transfers between other airports and lodges
  •  Aroma Boma spa treatments (ask for rates)
  •  Wedding packages – refer to separate rate sheet
  •  Scenic helicopter flights over the bush to view spectacular sights such as God’s Window and the Blyde River Canyon – the world’s 3rd deepest canyon
  •  Tours to the local community
  •  Private game drives (subject to availability)
  •  Photocopying, telephone, fax, and e-mail facilities
  •  Gift shop purchases
Festive Season Minimum stay of 3 nights applies. Please refer to terms and conditions as stated below.
Special Room Categories Safari Suite & Safari Room can be booked individually within 4 months prior to guest arrival
Cliff Lodge 1 and 2 can be booked individually within 4 months prior to guest arrival
Bookings for Cliff Lodge Exclusive Use and Safari Suite Exclusive Use fall under Group Terms & Conditions.
Guide/Pilot rooms Please note, we do not have guide rooms, please check with our Reservations team regarding special rates and availability
Private Vehicle Private hire is available at an extra cost ZAR 14,000.00 per day and must be pre-booked and is subject to
Exclusive use Hiring one or both of our lodges exclusively is ideal for weddings, birthdays, or any type of gathering where your client might like the
place to themselves! They’ll have full use of the lodge for the number of guests stated and their own game vehicles. Exclusive use
constitutes bookings taking 7 or more rooms at either Rock or Safari Lodge using exclusive use rates. Please direct exclusive use
booking enquiries to our Reservations team to check the appropriate commission level and booking Terms & Conditions.
Children at Ulusaba Children of all ages are in great hands at Ulusaba and very welcome to stay at Rock Lodge. Unfortunately, we can’t allow infants or
children at Safari Lodge for safety reasons. As infants are unable to go on game drives they are very welcome to join our kids
programme at Rock Lodge called Cub’s Club. Each infant is entertained with treasure hunts, games, books, DVDs and lots more. Baby-
sitting is also available free of charge. Children can go on game drives with their parents or a guardian but are unable to participate in
safari walks. Special food and beverages or simple snacks and light meals, such as sandwiches, can be prepared.
Just what is...?
  • An infant? A guest under the age of 5.99
  • A child? A guest between the ages of 6 and 11.99
  • An adult? A guest aged 12 years and over
In some rooms we can accommodate children on single or fold-out beds. In these cases where adults are paying double or triple rates,
extra children will be accommodated at the rates detailed below. Occasionally due to restrictions on the number of guests and vehicles
allowed in the Sabi Sand Reserve, we may not be able to accommodate extra children in rooms – please contact us for details,
availability and rates for your requirements.
RATES - children are charged as follows (only when the ‘Family’ offer doesn’t apply):
  • Infants stay free of charge provided they share with at least one adult
  • 1 child sharing with 1 adult will be charged ZAR 7,200.00 per night on top of the double occupancy rate
  • 1 child sharing with 2 adults, will be charged ZAR 7,200.00 per night on top of the double occupancy rate
  • 1 child in his/her own room is charged at the adult single occupancy rate
  • 2 or more children in their own room are charged ZAR 7,200.00 per night on top of the adult single occupancy rate
Check-in/Check out 14.00hrs / 11.00hrs
Smoking Policy All rooms are non-smoking. Designated smoking areas are available
Official Hotel Rating 5*


Payment and Confirmation
Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of a 30% refundable accommodation deposit. The final payment of 70% is due no later than 60 days prior to your proposed date of arrival, along with any additional sums equal to any payments due to third parties and/or our affiliates. All deposits become non-refundable within 60 days of your arrival. If the Client makes a reservation less than 60 days prior to the proposed date of arrival, such bookings will only be confirmed upon receipt of a 100% payment, plus any additional sums due to third parties and/or our affiliates, all of which shall be paid as far as possible in advance of the proposed date of arrival. Please note that if a payment is not received on time or in the correct amount we reserve the right to release your reservation, regardless of any payment(s) already received. We will use reasonable endeavours to contact you prior to taking this course of action and will remind you of payments due. The method by which you should pay for your booking will depend on where you are making your reservation. Your reservations office should provide full details when they send you your invoice.

Cancellation by the Client

We strongly recommend that all Guests purchase adequate travel insurance to cover cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances and the Client shall advise all Guests of this recommendation. You must send us all cancellations clearly and in writing. This should be done by letter, fax or email The Company will then confirm the cancellation back to the Client in writing with a cancellation number.

  • The 30% deposit is refundable when received more than 61 days prior to the Guest’s proposed arrival date.
  • Cancellations received 60 days or less prior to the Guest’s proposed arrival date will incur a 100% penalty.
  • The Client is also liable for any payments outstanding on the date upon which the cancellation is received by the Company.
  • Please note that there may also be cancellation fees levied by third parties and/or our affiliates such as flight or transfer operators; we will advise you of any such additional cancellation fees in due course once we have this information and, if requested, you will refund us in respect of such fees forthwith. For the purposes of calculating the charges set out

When you’re at Ulusaba…

Look out for the ‘Big Five’ on the twice daily game drives traversing an area of 13,500 hectares, accompanied by a fully trained and experienced ranger and tracker Nose and swirl around a few South African reds and whites in the wine cellar at Safari Lodge Experience traditional music in the great outdoors while you dine by firelight and starlight Unwind with a soothing Aroma Boma beauty treatment (at an additional cost)

A Tipical Day
We thought we would give you a little taster as to what you can expect on a typical day at Ulusaba! You can do as little or as much as you like, it’s completely up to you!
5 AM Rise and shine! The early morning game drive sets off at 5.30AM, but before you depart we have early morning teas, coffees and refreshments served on the main terrace.
5.30 AM Off we go! We will depart on the morning game drive in an open 4 x 4 safari vehicle, stopping for refreshments in the heart of the South African bush.
9AM Breakfast time! Retreat back to the lodge for breakfast with your Ranger.
10AM It wouldn’t be a holiday if you didn’t have a bit of R&R! We recommend any of our spa treatments in the Aroma Boma spa (available at an additional charge). For those seeking more adventure you can get up close and personal with the animals during our walking safari (don’t worry an armed Ranger and Tracker will be with you at all times!)
1.30PM It’s lunch time! Lunch is served often on one of the sundecks.
4PM Before heading off on the evening game drive we will tempt you with our afternoon tea served on the patio.
4.30 PM Game on! It’s time to depart for the evening game drive. Search for those elusive nocturnal animals after sundowner drinks served in the bush. Next it’s onto our Bush observatory where our game ranger will give you the chance for some stargazing in the South African bush.
8PM Dinner is served! We serve dinner at the Lodge or in the heart of the bush, under the African skies around a blazing log fire. Enjoy the tribal dancers and singers for a truly authentic African experience.
Timings are based on stays during the Summer. Winter times are up to 30 minutes later than time shown above

How many people can stay at the lodges? - Safari Lodge can accommodate 22 guests sharing 11 rooms and Rock Lodge can accommodate between 20 and 25 guests sharing 10 rooms and suites. Cliff Lodge, located at Rock Lodge, is ideal for smaller groups and families of up to 5 adults and 4 children.
Additional guests may be accommodated in some rooms.
It is possible to accommodate extra adults and children in some of our double rooms and suites; in these cases the charge will be ZAR 2,000 per person, per night with extra guests being accommodated on fold-out or rollaway beds. Occasionally due to restrictions on the number of guests and vehicles allowed in the Sabi Sand Reserve, we may not be able to accommodate extra guests in rooms - please contact us for details.

Can I get married at Ulusaba?
Of course! Elope to the Bush or plan a big event with all your family and friends. We’ve thought of everything to make it the most magical wedding
possible – what better place to tie the knot?! Please ask about one of our packages, or our team can happily create a custom-made wedding for you. If you can’t get married here, include Ulusaba in your celebration and visit us on your Honeymoon!

Can I hire Ulusaba exclusively?
Absolutely! Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or just a great opportunity to experience a safari with family, friends or colleagues, the Ulusaba team are on hand to cater for all requests. You have the choice of hiring one of the lodges separately or both the lodges together. Please ask us for more details.

What’s included at Cliff Lodge?
Cliff Lodge has two suites which are perfect for smaller groups and families. Located just a short stroll away from the Main House at Rock Lodge, Cliff Lodge 1 is a spacious two bedroom suite with one large bedroom and 2 small pull-out beds, as well as a second smaller bedroom which can accommodate one adult and two small children. The suite features a private swimming pool, gym and mini Aroma Boma Spa. Cliff Lodge 2 is a spacious one bedroom suite with a large lounge area and outdoor viewing deck with Jacuzzi. When you hire both suites for exclusive use you will have your own chef and private vehicle for game drives. Cliff Lodge can accommodate a maximum of 5 adults and 4 children when booked exclusively.

What clothing and footwear will I need?
For game drives, you should wear pale or neutral colours. In summer (October to April), these should be lightweight, but take a windbreaker or light jacket for evenings. In winter (May to September) take a jumper/sweater, fleece or warm jacket too. Trainers/sneakers are fine for safari walks, and it’s a good idea to bring a hat and sunglasses – for all seasons. You can wear whatever you like around the lodges and dining rooms. Formal wear isn’t always practical, but of course it’s up to you. Make sure you don’t forget your swimsuit.

Do you cater for special diets?
Our African inspired menu is one of the highlights of your stay. But we understand that some people have special requirements and personal favourites too. Let us know in advance, and we’ll do our best to make sure we have exactly what you need.

Do I need to take precautions against malaria?
The Mpumalanga province, including the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, is in a malaria endemic area so it is very important to seek advice on appropriate precautions before you travel. During your stay it is still important to cover up with insect repellent. We provide an excellent one in your room, but bring your
own stick or roll-on repellent to take out on game drives and for when you first arrive in Mpumalanga. All rooms have mosquito nets too.

What can I do during the day?
Well of course there are the twice daily game drives. One starts early in the morning around 5am and the other leaves in the afternoon at about 4pm. Each drive lasts for approximately 31⁄2 hours. The more adventurous may opt for a walking safari after breakfast to learn about the local plants and wildlife and for some more in-depth knowledge on how to track animals. If you want to take it easy, soak up the sun by the pools, read a book, or relax with a Spa treatment. Energetic types can have a hit of tennis or work out in the gym where the views will take your mind off all that hard work. Others may prefer
to go on one of our cultural, wildlife or scenic tours including helicopter trips or a tour of the local community. Volunteer safari You can now incorporate a volunteering experience into your stay at Ulusaba. Our team will create bespoke itineraries to participate in hands-on projects within the local communities,
based around your own skills and interests. Just ask our reservations team for more details.

Arrival and departure details
Check-in is officially 2pm. If you want to arrive earlier we’ll make every effort to have a room ready for you, but if not we’ll look after your bags so you can start enjoying yourself. Check-out is officially 11am however we are flexible. Just ask us the night before you leave.

Medical information
We have first aid equipment at both lodges along with staff trained in administering first aid. 24-hour Emergency Trauma Paramedics and 4 x 4 ambulances are available in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Doctors provide telephone or personal consultations to guests with minor aches and injuries, but this will be charged, so make sure you have appropriate travel insurance.

Staying in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve is about making safaris and exploring South Africa's wild nature. It allows you to spot big game in a natural enviornment, the dream of so many travellers. But what is it that you can expect when staying in one of the private game reserves? What is a game drive? And should you bring special gear with you? Here is some more information to help you on your way when going for a South Africa safari.

Sabi Sands is the best place in the world to see the Big Five

Seeing the "Big Five" in the wild is one of the most memorable things one can ever experience. The African continent is the only place in the world where big game still roams freely in great numbers. In particular the Kruger National Park area and the neighboring private game reserves are famous for the incredible possibilities seeing the Big Five up close. The term "Big Five" is reminiscent of the old safari hunting days. The name is not derived from the size of the animals as many people believe. Rather, these five animals proved to be the five animals that were the most difficult to hunt. Sabi Sands Game Reserve offers excellent possibilities for viewing Africa's Big Five.


The most elusive of the Big Five. The African leopard occurs mostly throughout the whole of Southern Africa. The best chance of seeing them is in trees, which they use as observation platform or as a safe resting place. Leopards are real masters of disguise: if they don't want to be seen you can be sure not to see them. Sabi Sands proves to be an excellent place to see these magnificent big cats, an possible the best in the world as leopards are spotted on a very regular basis.


Masters of the African savannah and probably the most exciting animals that can be seen when on a African safari. Lions usually live in prides that consists of a few females, their cubs and a couple of young males. It is most likely that you will see lion when asleep as they rest up to twenty hours per day. They are most active early morning and at sunset. The Sabi Sands is privileged to have some very healthy lion prides in the area. Some of these are so famous that they have their own Facebook community.


Although this animal is sometimes referred to as a bush cow, do not underestimate its capabilities. It has been recorded that an African buffalo can run faster than an astounding 55 kilometres per hour. It is a rather common species that can be found throughout Southern Africa. Male buffalos can weigh up to 700 kilograms. Buffalos can be notoriously bad tempered, especially when cornered or wounded they can become very aggressive.


This grey giant is the largest living land mammal. Also elephants are widepread throughout Southern Africa and live in a variety of different habitats. They can survive in desert environments, but are most commonly found in woodlands, forests and savannahs. Elephants are among the most social animals living in groups up to a hundred individuals. There is nothing more impressive that being amidst a large herd.


Two species of rhino can be found in South Africa, the square-lipped (white) rhino and hooked-lipped (black) rhino. These are not names that refer to the colour of the rhino, they both are pretty much grey. The white rhino's name comes from the Dutch word "wijd", meaning wide and refers to the wide muzzle of this particular specie. Black rhinos are much less often spotted, also in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. A group of rhinos is referred to as a "crash".


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  • Rich biodiversity of game
  • Large elephant population
  • Over 530 bird species
  • Big 5 Game Animals

Rock Lodge Gallery

Entry Fees

Wildtuin Entrance Fees
Paid directly by clients
Light vehicles under 3500kg GVM 
  - R310
per Entry
 Heavy vehicles over 3500kg GVM 
  - R540 
per Entry
Per Person fee
  - R 140 per entry
 Staff vehicles (SVP) with valid permits & cards
  - R 140 per entry
The rates applay to entry by vehicle, by air and on foot
Guest Conservation Contribution 2020
Commercial Guests
  - R 138.00 per person per day
Private visitors of members / landowners
  - R34.50 or more per person per day
Guest Conservation Contribution 2021/2022
Commercial Guests
  - R 151.80 per person per day
Private visitors of members / landowners
  - R37.95 or more per person per day
These rates are per person (applicable to all ages) per day
for maximum of three daysand are charged by
the destination lodge/camp

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Safari Lodge Gallery

Coservation Fees

Guest Conservation Fees
   SA Citizen & residents
  - ZAR  105 per Adults per day
  - ZAR  52 per Child  per day    
  SADC with passport
  - ZAR  210 per Adults per day
  - ZAR  105 per Child per day
  - ZAR  424 per Adults per day
  - ZAR  212 per Child per day

R210 per vehicle entry fee