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Ngala Safari Lodge is situated in &Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve, which shares an unfenced boundary with the world-renowned Kruger National Park, South Africa’s largest wildlife sanctuary and one of the biggest game reserves in the world. A spectacular diversity of wildlife moves through this
immense wilderness, including breeding herds of elephant, leopard, spotted hyena, giraffe, large buffalo herds and white rhino. With its name meaning lion in Shangaan, the local language, Ngala lives up to its promise, supporting several
large prides of these powerful cats. African wild dog can also be spotted moving through the reserve.

&Beyond Ngala was the first private game reserve to be incorporated into the Kruger National Park and has exclusive traversing rights over 14 700 hectares of game-rich wilderness. The reserve offers an intimate African wildlife experience, with game drives
led by expert ranger and tracker teams. Sensitive off-roading practices allow close-up game sightings, while walking safaris and bush walks are also offered.
In one of Africa’s most innovative conservation partnership agreements, the annual lease, traversing fees and a percentage of Ngala’s profits are paid to the National Parks Trust to further conservation projects throughout South Africa.

Rates inclusive of 15% VAT • South African Rand • Subject to Availability

11 Jan 2019- 10 January 2020
Description 1-5 Nights 6+ Nights Private Vehicle
Cottages R9 050 R8 145 R9 180
Family Cottages R31 675 R28 505 R9 180
Family Suite R43 870 R39 485 Incl.
11 Jan 2020- 10 January 2021
Description 1-5 Nights 6+ Nights Private Vehicle
Cottages R9 955 R8 460 R9 160
Family Cottages R34 830 R29 605 N/A
Family Suite R45 755 R38 895 Incl.

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Nature is never far at &Beyond Ngala, with breakfast and lunch served in the shade of an enormous weeping boerebean tree. A walled courtyard provides a sheltered space to indulge in sumptuous cuisine, while the boma creates a dramatic setting for fire-lit dinners. An afternoon by the poolside rewards you with a refreshing dip as well as blissful relaxation time. Secret nooks and crannies with cushy sofas are ideal for quiet hours of contemplation in the leafy shade.

&Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve is home to all of the Big Five, but is particularly known for its elephant, buffalo and rhino, as well as its packs of wild dog. Leopard and cheetah are also often encountered. The largest of all land mammals, the African elephant, is most often spotted leisurely browsing on the vegetation. Elephant are completely dependent on water and will travel considerable distances to a watering hole, making this the perfect place to watch out for them.  Elephant, as well as buffalo, are often encountered in the reed beds around the Timbavati River.

Although its numbers are not decreasing as steadily as before, the African wild dog is still highly endangered, with fewer than 3 000 remaining animals. Ngala is one of few reserves to offer regular opportunities to view this rare animal and its fascinating social structure. Packs of wild dogs operate along a strict hierarchy, with all members taking responsibility for the feeding of any pups. Although meat is obtained for the pups, the entire pack remains sedentary until they are old enough to join in the hunts. Another highly social species encountered at Ngala is the lion.

The blue wildebeest, with their low hindquarter, handlebar horns and cantankerous nature live up their reputation as the clowns of the bushveld, cavorting and engaging in head-butting contests. In contrast, the statuesque kudu enthral with their spectacular spiral horns, as well as their prodigious grace and jumping ability. Striking zebra with their vibrant stripes and intriguing social system are a common sight among the bushveld savanna. The typical raised tails of warthog act as a signal device for groups, allowing each warthog to follow the one ahead of it.

The spirit of &Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge The magic and mystery of Africa come alive in the colonial ambiance of elegant &Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge. A timeless, unhurried atmosphere, combined with the quaint traditions of a bygone era, creates an aura of romance and nostalgia. This old-world haven in the midst of the African bush charms with its colonial antiques, silver cutlery and crystal glassware.

Here, style and grace mingle faultlessly with the rugged natural beauty of the setting, as manicured lawns give way to dense mopane thickets and wild animals saunter down to drink at the waterhole. 


Why we love it

  • Perfect for families, groups, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, first-time and repeat travellers
  • Twice-daily game drives, bush walks and walking safaris
  • Big Five private game reserve that shares unfenced borders with the Kruger National Park
  • Later afternoon / evening game drives that continue after nightfall
  • Sensitive off-roading practices allow close-up game sightings
  • Guest areas overlook private waterhole
  • WILDchild children’s programme
  • 3 family cottages as well as a two-bedroom Family Suite, with its own swimming pool, as well as a dedicated vehicle and ranger / tracker team, offers an exclusive family getaway

The lodge

Protected by a living canopy of immense mopane and tamboti trees, &Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge carves out a set of intimate, elegant spaces sheltered in harmonious seclusion by the thick vegetation.

Nature is never far at Ngala Safari Lodge, with breakfast and lunch served in the shade of an enormous weeping boere bean tree. A walled courtyard provides a sheltered space to indulge in sumptuous cuisine, while the boma creates a dramatic setting for fire-lit dinners. Secret nooks and crannies with cushy sofas are ideal for quiet hours of contemplation in the leafy shade, and at night, a myriad lanterns and candles peep out between the boughs of trees, shining out a promise of warmth and comfort.

While away the hours at the pool area for an afternoon by the poolside spent sipping on your favourite beverage or unwind with a good book. Whilst you’re there, steal a moment for blissful relaxation as you indulge in a massage or wellness treatment at the lodge spa. A well-equipped fitness centre beckons to the more actively inclined.

Safari Game drive

Think safari and you’re likely to conjure up adventure-filled fantasies of game drives through pristine African wilderness, encountering magnificent wildlife such as elephant, lion or buffalo along the way. South Africa plays host to an amazing array of wildlife sanctuaries; however the iconic destination of the Kruger National Park takes pride of place as one of the world’s most renowned safari havens. A game drive here promises an exceptional experience.

Hosted by expert guides and trackers, in specially adapted 4×4 safari vehicles, you will have the opportunity to enjoy early morning game drives and spot-lit night drives. Set off in search of the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino) as well as an array of other fascinating creatures such as wild dog, hippo, cheetah and a plethora of bird species.

Game drives accommodate a maximum of six guests and usually include refreshments stops along the way that allow you to stretch your legs and admire your breathtaking location. Your guide has been expertly trained on the intricacies of the park and its surrounds, offering interesting anecdotes along your journey. This adventure offers the perfect introduction to South Africa’s wildlife and is a must for first time safari goers.

Guided bush walks

For those looking for an active thrill beyond the excitement of Big Five sightings on a game drive vehicle, a guided walking safari offers an opportunity to connect with the African bush, learning about its fascinating fauna and flora. Embark on an adventure where your feet tread in the tracks of Africa’s wild inhabitants, your nostrils fill with the scent of crushed wild grasses as you push through the bush and all six senses re-awaken as Africa touches you and you touch Africa.

At one with nature, discover a range of natural wonders in the company of your experienced, walking safari guide. Learn how to track, seeing how close you can come to smaller game like impala or nyala antelope without them being aware of your presence. Crouch behind a bush to catch a glimpse of a passing rhino, elephant or buffalo. Smell and taste wild herbs, learning their traditional uses, and explore the smaller marvels of the bush, from the magnificent tapestry of a spider’s web to the microscopic world of the dung beetle. Spend the quiet afternoon hours watching a multitude of colourful birds as they flit from branch to branch, trilling out their sweet songs. Engage all your senses as you discover an unexpected world where each sound and scent and every bent blade of grass have a meaning.
Local community visit

Undoubtedly a highlight on any tour to South Africa, a community trip offers a wonderful opportunity to engage with the enchanting communities surrounding the wildlife sanctuaries of the Mpumalanga province. Hosted by Africa Foundation, &Beyond’s community development partner, who has been active within these rural communities for 25 years, you will gain first-hand knowledge of the foundation’s various projects to improve education, healthcare and water access as well as the development of local businesses in the area.

You will have the opportunity to visit projects in the communities of Welverdiend or Hlabekisa. These tours offer insight into the everyday lives of community members as well as the difficulties they may face. For instance, in the Welverdiend community, the Nhlalala Crèche was operating out of temporary shelters before Africa Foundation came to its aid, building two classrooms, a waterless sanitation block, and assisting with a kitchen, borehole, vegetable garden and playground equipment. Mtembeni Primary School is one of three primary schools in the Welverdiend community. The school has an enrolment of approximately 500 learners, Africa Foundation has worked with the school to develop its infrastructure, including the construction of a kitchen and EnviroLoos.

In the Hlabekisa community, you will have the opportunity to visit the Mayelana Creche, which started in a corrugated makeshift structure, caring for 24 children. Africa Foundation has supported the construction of a double classroom, EnviroLoos, borehole and fencing.  Not too far away, is Bilton High School. Previously, this community did not have a high school and children from the area where travelling and staying with relatives in other communities in order to attend school. Africa Foundation supported the construction of the school; including classrooms, an admin block, EnviroLoos, kitchen, and fencing. Be sure to make a stop at the Bohlabela Craft Market, which was officially opened in April 2009.  Built by Africa Foundation, outside of the Kruger National Park’s Orpen Gate, the market brings together 25 women and one gentleman that had been working in isolation to sell their goods on the side of the road.

Photographic vehicle

Whether you are a beginner or advanced photographic enthusiast, you can capture the wondrous landscapes and magical wildlife of &Beyond’s Phinda and Ngala Private Game Reserves, by taking advantage of a fully-equipped photographic safari vehicle. Travel through the seven distinct habitats of Phinda Private Game Reserve, set within easy reach of the Indian Ocean, or venture through the pristine wilderness of Ngala Private Game Reserve, the first private game reserve to be incorporated into the famous Kruger National Park. Both wildlife sanctuaries offer exceptional game viewing and photographic opportunities. This adventure is hosted by a specialist photographic guide who will combine his excellent knowledge of wildlife with his photographic expertise to offer you the best opportunities to digitally immortalize your unforgettable safari. Take advantage of his advice on shutter speed, lenses, filters, angles, lighting and so much more – ensuring you get the best possible shot during your experience!

Your dedicated vehicle has been fitted with state-of-the-art photographic arms, which provide a smooth and comfortable base to mount cameras and lenses, ideal for those who need some assistance holding heavy equipment. Electrical charging points on the vehicles will guarantee that your camera batteries never run flat. The vehicles cater for a maximum of four guests, ensuring exclusivity during your experience. After an adventure-filled morning or afternoon of photography, stop to enjoy your surrounds with a refreshing beverage from your personal bar.

Photographic enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced, can now capture the wondrous landscapes and magical creatures of &Beyond’s Ngala Private Game Reserve, by taking advantage of a fully-equipped photographic safari vehicle. The vehicle has been fitted with  state-of-the art camera mounts and cater for a maximum of four guests, ensuring exclusivity during your safari experience.

R10 710 per safari per day 

Maximum 4 pax

16 yrs and older

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with rhino at &Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve while assisting in the conservation of this endangered species. This adventure allows guests to witness the capture and darting of rhino. A wildlife vet will locate and dart the rhino from the vantage point of a helicopter, while the guests and ground crew will follow in open 4x4 safari vehicles. Once darted, the veterinary team will tag the sleeping animal’s ear for research and security monitoring, as well as insert a microchip into the horn, enabling researchers to correctly identify different rhino on the reserve. Groups of up to eight guests can participate in this conservation initiative and have the never-to-be-repeated opportunity of touching the anaesthetised giant during the tagging procedure. Guests will need to spend a minimum of three nights at Ngala.

Rates R64 740 per safari fox Max 8 Guests

Duration 4hrs


  • 12 years and older.
  • Subject to availability of the wildlife veterinarian and helicopter pilot.
  • Excludes accommodation and a Private Vehicle if less than 6 guests.
  • Minimum stay of 3 nights required.
  • Subject to availability.
Signature Offers VALIDITY TERMS & CONDITIONS: Signature offers may only be booked on 1-5 Night  rates, and may not be combined with any other offers
Fly me to Phinda 11 Jan '19 - 10 Jan '20 Stay for 3 nights at Phinda Mountain / Rock/ Zuka/ Forest or Vlei and we’ll offer a discount to fly you there & back on Airlink flights OR return scheduled transfers between Durban and Phinda
  • We will credit you R2 500 per flight leg towards any Airlink flight to or from Phinda or we will include return scheduled road transfers between Durban and Phinda(Phinda – Durban: 10h00 /Durban – Phinda: 11h30)  
  • Airlink flights need to be booked through &Beyond (flight subject to availability) - Offer only valid for full-paying adult guests, booked on a 1-5 night  rate. May not be combined with other offers
  • Offer does not apply to groups of 12 or more guests
  • Minimum of 2 guests - Offer is not applicable to Cottages, Family Cottages and Family Suites.
Honeymoon Offer 11 Jan '19 - 10 Jan '20 Save 50% on one partner's accommodation
  • One partner pays full rate and the other partner pays 50% of accommodation rate for the whole stay. Rate and honeymoon discount based on 1-5 night  Rate.
  • Offer is not applicable to Family Cottages, Family Suites and Villas.  
  • May not be combined with other offers or long stay rates. Valid for travel within 6 months of date of marriage.
  • Minimum 2 night stay

All rates are confidential, inclusive of VAT and in South African Rand.
Accommodation rates are per person per night sharing, except for family suites, family cottages and villas which are per family suite/ family cottage/ villa per night and excludes any park, conservancy, entrance, gate and landing fees.

Long-Stay Rates: May be applied for a combination of &Beyond lodges in Africa (subject to seasonal availability of the offer), for the same guests on a single itinerary. Nights spent at lodges without applicable long-stay rates count towards the long-stay rate at lodges where they are applicable. These cannot be used in conjunction with any other &Beyond offers, including Signature offers.

Single Supplement: A single supplement of 50% applies from the first single room throughout the year. A single supplement will be charged when an adult is sharing with an infant.

Triple rooms are suitable for a maximum of two adults.

Rate Includes: Accommodation, three meals daily, soft drinks, house wines, local brand spirits and beers, teas and coffees, refreshments on game drives, laundry, safari activities, 1-hour nature walks accompanied by experienced armed trackers (subject to availability), emergency medical evacuation insurance, VAT, transfers to and from the lodge airstrip.

Rate Excludes: Telephone calls, safari shop purchases, gratuities, all items of a personal nature, champagne, cognacs, fine wines, premium brand spirits and cigars, adventures at Phinda, government bed levy, conservancy or park fees and landing fees.

Pilots and Local Driver-Guides: Rate only includes accommodation, meals, teas and coffees. Accommodation in a pilot/guide room is on a twin basis; single rooms will be allocated depending on availability.

Tour Leaders, Private Guides: Normal guest inclusions and exclusions apply. A maximum of 1 Tour leader on a discounted rate per 14 guests.

Private Vehicles:
Private 4x4 safari vehicles can be pre-booked at certain lodges, subject to availability. Rates are  per vehicle per night, from 2pm on day of arrival to 11am on day of departure.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Please be advised that the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) is not allowed in any of the conservation areas we manage, until such time as their impact on wildlife and anti-poaching initiatives can be assessed. This rule will apply throughout Africa, as our partners in various countries and regions have adopted a similar stance.


  • 0 - 2 years, sharing with 1 or 2 adults - Free of charge - Cots subject to availability
  • 3 – 5 years, sharing with 1 or 2 adults - Free of charge - Triple rooms subject to availability
  • 6 - 16 years, sharing with 1 or 2 adults - 50% of full adult rate - Triple rooms subject to availability
  • 6 – 16 years in own room - 1st child: adult rate , 2nd & 3rd child: 50% of adult rate - Max 3 children per room (subject to triple room availability)

Childminders: Childminders are available but must be booked on the day of arrival. A rate of ZAR 60  per hour is payable at the lodge.


6-12 yrs at Lodge Manager's discretion - Nature Walks - 12 years and older

If paying for a Private Vehicle, children of any age may go on game drive, with access to sightings being at the discretion of the guide, based on the behaviour of both child and animals. Greater distances to animals may be adhered to, or certain sightings may be avoided, in order to ensure the safety of all.


  • 3 family cottages (2 inter-leading rooms) -  Maximum 2 adults + 2 children - Rate / Per family cottage
  • 1 family suite (2 rooms) - Maximum 2 adults + 2 children / 3 adults + 1 child - Rate / Per suite

Tucked under a canopy of mopane and tamboti trees, Ngala Safari Lodge boasts 20 classic thatched cottages, including three family cottages with interleading rooms, and the spacious Family Suite. Each spacious ensuite cottage exudes a romantic colonial
ambiance with nostalgic safari memorabilia throughout. Floorto-ceiling glass windows make the most of sunny safari days and a private veranda offers the perfect setting for private dinners. The gracious Family Suite accommodates four guests and
includes a private swimming pool and the use of a private vehicle.
The lodge’s beautiful pool area beckons to those seeking refreshment and relaxation. A sparkling swimming pool and sundeck overlook a natural riverine woodland, ideal for avid birdwatchers, while a tranquil spa and a well-equipped fitness
sala can be enjoyed in between game viewing adventures. Hearty breakfasts and delicious lunches are served in the dappled shade of an enormous weeping boerbean tree. Upon their return from exhilarating evening drives, guests are welcomed by Ngala’s warm,
hospitable staff and a banquet set in the elegant candlelit courtyard or an African feast in the openair traditional boma. The Lodge’s spacious thatched bar, dining and sitting areas are open to the warm breezes of the inviting African bushveld.


  •  20 classic air-conditioned safari cottages, including three family cottages
  •  Family suite with private pool and private safari vehicle
  •  Swimming pool area with a spa and fitness sala
  •  Safari Shop
  •  Boma and elegant courtyard for open-air dining
  •  WILDChild children’s programme
  •  Set in a 14 700 hectare private game reserve


  •  Guest areas overlook private waterhole
  •  A beautiful Family Suite,three family cottages and a dedicated WILDChild children’s programme make this the ideal safari destination for loved ones to reconnect
  •  Big Five private game reserve that shares unfenced borders with the Kruger National Park
  •  Later afternoon / evening game drives that continue after nightfall
  •  Sensitive off-roading practices allow close-up game sightings


  •  Early morning and late afternoon game drives that continue after nightfall
  •  Interpretive nature walks
  •  Big game viewing walks that track elephant, buffalo and rhino

At an additional charge

  •  Specialist walking safaris
  •  Photographic and private safaris
  •  Rhino notching experience
  •  Helicopter of Blyde River Canyon, Hot air balloon safari


  •  Daily Airlink flights from Johannesburg and Nelspruit to &Beyond Ngala Private game Reserve airstrip, followed by an easy drive to camp/lodge
  •  Daily SA Express flights from Cape Town to Eastgate Airport, followed by a one-hour road transfer
  •  Connect &Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve to: Johannesburg, Cape Town, &Beyond Kirkman’s Kamp and &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve. All flights route through either Nelspruit or Skukuza
  •  Six-hour drive from Johannesburg on excellent roads in a two-wheel drive vehicle


  • The camp is not fenced off and we request that guests be extremely vigilant at all times. Security guards accompany guests at all times while walking around the camp at night. 


20 (including three family cottages)
1 (includes a private swimming pool and use of a private safari vehicle)
KOSHER FOOD Available at extra cost with prior notice
INTERNET ACCESS Yes, wifi in rooms and guest area
MAXIMUM GUESTS 45 PRIVATE 4X4 SAFARI VEHICLE Dependent on availability at an extra cost
CHILDREN Welcome; no children under 16 on Walking Safaris; children 5 years and younger cannot participate in game drives; children aged 6 to 11 permitted on game drives at the lodge manager’s discretion PRIVATE PHOTOGRAPHIC VEHICLE Dependent on availability at an extra cost
CHILD MINDING Yes, at an additional cost EXERCISE EQUIPMENT Gym in a basket available on request
FAMILY ROOM AND COTTAGES Yes WEATHER Hot wet summers; cool to dry winters
PILOT / GUIDE ROOMS Yes RAINFALL Late afternoon and evening thundershowers from Septem
TRIPLES Yes (one room)
TWIN BEDS All convertible to double
LODGE POOL Yes (Family Suite has its own pool) TEMPERATURE Summer: 18˚C - 36˚C / 64˚F - 96˚F Winter: 2˚C - 16˚C / 36˚F - 62˚F
WELLNESS CENTRE Yes BEST TIME TO TRAVEL Game viewing excellent year round
BATH Yes ALTITUDE 418 metres / 1 372 feet above sea level
OUTDOOR SHOWER Yes MALARIA Ngala is in a malaria area and precautions should be taken
IN-ROOM SAFE Yes AIRSTRIP Ngala Airstrip is not registered; indemnity is to be signed
TELEPHONE Yes GPS COORDINATES S 24˚22.843’; E 31˚19.328’
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS Yes, with assistance    
DISTANCE BETWEEN ROOMS 20 metres / 66 feet    
CHECK IN / CHECK OUT 14h00 / 11h00    


  •  Please note that park fees and government charges may apply. Speak to your travel consultant for more details. 
  •  Drones are not permitted at &Beyond Reserves lodges, camps and villas..


Need Assistance.

image RSA +27 87 820 4160

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri (09:00 - 17:00)
Sat (09:00 - 13:00)
Time Zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours
E-mail: Reservations
E-mail: Safaris


  • Game Viewing +

    Game viewing is offered either from an open vehicle, or on foot in the company of experienced rangers.
  • Timbavati Wildlife +

    The wildlife is particularly rich and boasts not only the Big Five experience but an extraordinary profusion of bird and
  • Timbavati Experience +

    Timbavati comprises a number of private concessions, which offer a selection of accommodation services and safari experiences.
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Conservation Levy

  • Fly in & Transfers R300 Per Person and Per Vehicle R160 per entry
  • Self drive R300 Per Person , Per Vehicle/Aircraft R160 per entry
  • Entry and exit to the reserves, via self-drive, will need to happen through the same gate.
  • Timbavati Conservation levy R 368 per person per day,
  • R184 per child under 12 years old per day
  • R 160 per vehicle


1. Conservation levy - R400 per person per night 
2. Conservation levy - R200 per child per night (under 12)
3. Self Catering Camps - R100 per person per night (Adults and Children)
4. The conservation levy as quoted is VAT Inclusive.